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Saturday, December 12, 2020

These types of people are more intelligent, know you too

People who are constantly lost in thought as well as those who spend quiet time 
are more 
intelligent than those who are constantly engaged in some activity American researchers have deduced this by studying the intellectual activity of people and their mental thinking ability. However, people with this figure lead a more sedentary life than others.

With this, intelligent people do not get bored with a quiet, sedentary life as there is an ideological process going on in their minds. But people who are busy with their daily lives may be running away from their thoughts or their minds are getting frustrated with the situation where they have to think.

However the researchers built a special device on their body to measure the daily life of people with high IQ and average IQ. This device showed them how much time they spent in activity during the day. It noted that intelligent and thoughtful people preferred to quit peacefully while those who ran away from ideas were trying to keep themselves busy through various activities.

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