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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

These two smashing features of WhatsApp are so cool, no one can see your Last Seen

WhatsApp comes with many important things for us. 
Send a photo, send a video or tell someone a location. All these works can be done easily on Whatsapp. We've been using WhatsApp for years, but there will still be many features on WhatsApp that we may not be aware of, or we may never have used. So if you also use WhatsApp, we are telling you about 2 great features, which will make your many tasks easier.

We get a lot of important messages on WhatsApp every day, and many friends also send us unnecessary messages. In such a situation, our important message is often lost. It is not possible to track all important messages.

In this case, you can 'Starred' the message you think is important. This will make it easier for you to find the message and not have to scroll through the entire chat box. Archived messages are listed together. So using this feature, you will get all the important messages instantly.

>> To view the 'Starred' message, you have to press three dots on the top right side.
>> Here you will find the option of 'Starred Message'.

Hide on WhatsApp Last Seen

Sometimes WhatsApp's Last Seen makes it very difficult for us. So by hiding the Last Seen, no one will know when you last came online. If you want to hide your Last Seen from your friends or relatives, you have to tap on the above three dot icons on WhatsApp.

>> Here you will find the settings option, then go to settings and go to privacy on account option.

>> Here you will find all the options, Everyone, My contacts Nobody's option. You can select any of them.

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