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Sunday, December 6, 2020

these tips will help you secure your wifi network

Due to the corona epidemic, most people have to work from home. 
Now work from home is being done only with the help of technology. Therefore, you must have got a WiFi connection. But keeping it safe means that no one can use it for free, it is also important to take care of it. 

So today we are telling you some tips  on securing WiFi  With their help, you will be able to stop someone else from using this service. 

1. Keep updating regularly

Always keep the Firmware of your WiFi router updated. This is very important for the security of your network. If your router has an auto-update option, turn it on. If not, then it's time to bring the latest router. 

2. Password 

Your Wi-Fi password should be such that no one can distinguish it. Therefore, the combination of small letter, number and special character should be kept in the password. Never create a mobile number or date of birth as a password.

3. Eliminating Outsiders

If the speed of your Wi-Fi is decreasing, then check that no one else is using it. You can check this by going to the router's settings. If so, change your password immediately. 

4. Encryption Settings

It is very important that your Wi-Fi is secure with WPA2-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 and Pre-Shared Key). This prevents your data from being used by anyone else. If you are using a Wi-Fi with WPA2 or WEP Encryption, change it immediately. 

5. Become a smart user

It is very important to be smart with technology. Turn off all smart devices when they are not working, keep updating them periodically, change the settings if needed and keep an eye on who you are sharing the network with. If possible, try to keep some devices connected on the guest network. 

Try to implement these tips today. 

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