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Saturday, December 19, 2020

These fruits which increase immunity can be a threat to stones, so now make distance

Stones are a very dangerous problem. 
Stony pain is not tolerated and it can worsen anyone's condition. When salt and other minerals of the body come in contact with each other, stones are formed. The stone also has no fixed size. According to doctors, there can be four types of stones in the body. These four stones are called Calcium Stone, Struvite Stone, Uric Acid Stone and Cysteine ​​Stone. Today we tell you what things can cause stones and what are the ways to avoid them.

Animal protein- The protein from animals increases the risk of calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate and uric acid stone in the body. Instead of meat, poultry, fish, milk and cheese, it supplies protein from leguminous vegetables, lentils, peanuts or soy foods.

Excess sodium- If your food is high in sodium then it can prove to be dangerous for you. Junk food, canned food and salt should not be consumed much. Can soup also contains more sodium, so such canned products should not be consumed.

Do not eat oxalate things - In the case of stones, doctors recommend not to eat oxalate. Oxalate is found in sufficient quantity in spinach, whole grains, cranberry, sweet potato and chocolate etc. Tomatoes also refuse to be eaten.

Vitamin C - People are now getting more and more attracted towards Vitamin C or citrus fruits to increase immunity. Stone is also formed due to excessive intake of Vitamin C. Therefore, people should eat less products made of orange. Packaged orange juice should not be consumed at all.

These vegetables should be avoided by eating - in the case of increasing risk of stones, some vegetables are said to be made of seeds, whose seeds turn into stone. Excess consumption of tomato seeds, brinjal seeds, raw rice, urad and gram increases the problem of stone.

Cold drinks should not be consumed - you should try to keep distance from cold drinks. The phosphoric acid present in it may increase the risk of stone.

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