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Friday, December 25, 2020

These 4 questions every girl should ask her future husband before saying ‘yes’ to the relationship

Marriage is a happy moment in the life of both a boy and a girl, which they have been waiting for for a long time. 
While the girl is happy thinking about the groom, the ring, the clothes, the dance rehearsal and the dinner, at every moment the boy who is going to get married worries whether he will be able to handle the next responsibilities or not. Yes, it is different that it is nice to do everything for each other in the early days of marriage. But over time, that is likely to change.

These questions will help the spouse understand

However, the success of a relationship or marriage depends on the understanding of both people and the promises made between them. But if you lose even a little bit of balance, there are many difficulties in the relationship. The most interesting thing is that if many things are discussed before marriage, these things can be corrected in time. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you understand your spouse.

How to manage home expenses

If both husband and wife are working, they should first ask each other questions about household expenses. Without hesitation they should emphasize how household expenses will be shared after marriage? If your income is lower than your husband's, then what responsibilities are you able to fulfill? We are saying this because economic freedom is the most important thing in marriage.

Household responsibilities

Building a home requires a lot of time and patience. It becomes most difficult for people whose lifestyles are very busy. Such a relationship lasts for a while, but over time their burden opens up to the feelings of both. In such a situation if you are both ready to get married, it would be appropriate to share the responsibilities of home.

Discussion on family planning

This is a question that most girls want to ask but the hesitation and family pressure in front of the spouse cannot be asked. However, such girls should understand the fact that this question can make your career and life happier going forward. In this case how many children do you want from your spouse? What kind of life should children have? Or don't be afraid to ask what your family planning goals are.

Living with family is different

Many girls object to the fact that if they have to live with a family after marriage, their freedom will be largely lost. However if the matter is cleared before marriage then you can come to a conclusion.

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