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Thursday, December 10, 2020

The gold pillar now found in America, the mystery deepened

A mysterious pillar of gold has been found in a rural area in Columbia, USA. 
After seeing this pillar, a strange question has arisen in the minds of the locals. Earlier, the first mysterious pillar was seen in the desert of Utah, USA. Such pillars were then found in California, Romania and other places. A total of 5 mysterious pillars have been discovered so far around the world, four of which are silver in color. While the pillar found in Columbia is of gold. Let us know the whole matter ...

Doesn't this gold pillar control all the pillars?

Locals are now in great danger after a mysterious pile of gold was discovered in Colombia. He says that it is not the case that this gold pillar controls 4 other silver-like pillars found so far. The administration in Colombia received this golden pillar this weekend. So another pillar is found on Krapton Beach. On the other hand, a silver-colored metal pillar has also been found in the Kiekenberg Natural Sanctuary in the Netherlands. He was found last Sunday.

Fear of aliens is haunting the people of Colombia

The people of the Netherlands say that this metal pillar has no footprints. Not only that, no one knows how this pillar got there. Colombians, on the other hand, are under stress after finding a pillar of gold. They are afraid that the work of erecting this pillar is not the work of aliens. On the other hand, 'The Most Famous Artist' has taken responsibility for this pillar, which was founded by Matty Moe. The group is reportedly selling three types of metal poles worldwide. One of the pillars costs 45 thousand dollars (about 33 lakh rupees). When asked, Matty Moe said, "Monolith is out of his control now."

A metal pillar unveiled by Donald Trump supporters

A mysterious metal pillar was also found in the US state of California. He was later overthrown by pro-Donald Trump youths. These young men replaced the metal pillars with wooden crosses (sacred symbols of Christians). Meanwhile, the youths chanted slogans of 'America First' and 'Christ is King'. He also made the whole event live on social media. This mysterious metal pillar was erected on a pine mountain in California. One young man said, 'Isha Masih is the king of this country. We don't want illegal aliens from Mexico or the outside world. ' He tore down this weighty pillar after much hard work. The youths then erected a wooden cross there. He tied the metal pole with a rope and threw it down the hill.

A mysterious pillar was found in Utah and Romania

Earlier in November, a 12-foot-tall metal pillar was spotted in the Utah desert. After that, discussions started among the people and researchers. It was also said to be the work of an alien. A few days later, however, the pillar disappeared. Within 24 hours of his disappearance, the pillar appeared in Romania, Europe. Now this pillar has disappeared from there as well and has been found in California, USA. The pillar found in Romania was 2.8 meters. Robert Isbe, a local journalist, said the pillar, which was found in the area around the old fort, had been removed as secretly as it had been. The stranger, he said, may have been made by a local welder and is now left with only a pit.

How the Utah pillar disappeared, the veil lifted from the mystery

Meanwhile a curtain has also been raised over a pillar that disappeared from the desert of Utah. In fact a tour guide Sylvan Christensen has claimed on social media that he, along with three others, removed the 12-foot pole. They also posted a video of him saying, "If you don't want someone to take your property, don't leave it." "We removed the Utah Pillar because of the rules that govern how we use our land, our natural wildlife, our native trees, our water resources," Christensen told the Daily Mail. The mystery was an illusion and we wanted people to see the point behind it. We are losing our land, such things do not help. '

A book also mentions a mysterious metal pillar from which the film was made

This mysterious pillar is first mentioned in a 1968 science fiction book by author Arthur C. Clark. Which later became the Hollywood film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Clark's book had the same name. It showed the aliens erecting such metal pillars to communicate with fellow aliens in space. The book and the film show that this metal pillar developed the brains of a prehistoric race on earth and resulted in the birth of today's man. After coming across these metal pillars, now this book has also started to be discussed all over the world.

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