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Thursday, December 10, 2020

The British Prime Minister was slammed in Parliament over the Indian peasant movement

 British Prime Minister Boris Johns has slammed India's peasant movement. He reacted to a Labor MP in Parliament on the issue of farmers, calling it an issue between India and Pakistan. He said the two countries should resolve any dispute bilaterally. It is noteworthy that the ongoing peasant movement in India has been supported by many Labor MPs in Britain.

On Wednesday, Tannerjit Singh Dhesi, a Sikh MP from the Kolber Party, raised the issue in the House of Commons. He said he was horrified to see footage of water cannons, teargas and repressive actions against farmers protesting peacefully. However, the footage was heart-winning in which the farmers fed the security forces who were ordered to kill and chase them away.

The Labor MP demanded that Prime Minister Johnson inform Prime Minister Narendra Modi of our concerns. We do not expect this issue to be resolved quickly. He asked Prime Minister Johnson if he agreed that everyone had the right to protest peacefully.

Responding to this, British Prime Minister Johnson said, "Our view is that we have serious concerns about what is going on between India and Pakistan." But this issue is important for the governments of both countries. I know he (Tanmanjit Singh) appreciates this.

It is noteworthy that the British government has not yet issued an official statement on the peasant movement in India. The Office of Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs has said that handling the protests is an internal matter of India. It is noteworthy that as many as 36 British MPs urged the British government to intervene immediately on the issue.

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