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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Post Office Department launches its own app, now customers can transfer money this way!

India Post is now making steady advances in the banking sector and many initiatives have also been taken to facilitate the customers. Now India Post Payment Bank (IPPB) and the Department of Posts have also launched a digital payment application . The name of this application is 'Dak Pay' which allows you to make transactions from home like any other banking app. This is when you can transact online from home with the post office application just like any other bank. With it you can access all the digital finance and banking facilities of Indian Post and IPPB as well as other facilities from home. Let's find out how this app works and how you can use it… what can you do?

  • You will be able to transfer money through UPI to another account through this app of Post Department.
  • With this app you can easily check bank balance etc.
  • With this app you can scan QR CODE and make payment.
  • With this app you will be able to pay digitally at the store.
  • It will also enable the customer to avail interactive banking services with any bank in the country.
  • With it you can avail not only banking services but also other facilities of Post Department.
  • At the same time you can get ordered post financial services at your doorstep.

You know what you can do with the app. Now, let's find out how this app works and what you need to do to use it.

  • First, go to the Play Store and download the Pay Pay app.
  • Then you have to register yourself by creating a passcord etc.
  • This will fetch the edge of your number if you have already created a UPI.
  • Also you can start with your own bank details.
  • Then you can easily send money to any account and the special thing is, it does not take much time after sending money and you can transfer money by giving some information.
  • The app also has many options like fingerprint lock, referrer a friend etc.

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