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Sunday, December 20, 2020

No longer have to wait long for a driving license, this rule was made by the Delhi government

license see pendensiyane movers of Delhi Transport Minister Kailash gahalotane Learning has ordered a 45-day waiting period fixed for the Permanent license and driver's license. Apart from that he has asked the RTO department officials to take more necessary steps to reduce the pendency. Let me tell you, the waiting for a driving license at the Janakpuri and Loni RTO offices in Delhi has been going on for more than two months. In this, Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot has met the officials and given necessary directions.

These things were discussed in the meeting

According to Transport Minister Kailash Gahlok, the meeting discussed whether there were fewer applications for licenses. At the same time, the meeting discussed the re-implementation of the appointment system during Covid-19. So, he said, maximum appointments will be made from the RTO office in the coming days.

This caused increased waiting

Automated test tracks are also being cited as a major reason behind the increasing waiting for driving licenses. According to the MLO of Surajmal Vihar, a large number of people fail the automated test and that is why they apply for a driving license for the second time. So, he said, many such people have also failed on the automated test track. Who have to drive well. It also formed a committee to find out the reasons for failing on the automated test track. The Transport Minister will take a decision soon on the basis of his report.

An advisory will be issued to ensure that there is no delay in subsidizing EV vehicles

According to the transport minister, the government will soon issue advisory to all dealers to provide subsidy to those who buy electric vehicles in Delhi. At the same time the subsidy which has been returned from the application RTO. The reason for their return will be studied.

HSRP data will be uploaded daily

Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot has directed all MLOs to upload HSRP data on the vehicle portal on a daily basis. So its daily report will also be sought from the dealers.

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