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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Look Back 2020: The statement of these leaders created a stir among the people in the year 2020

Many a times, people make false statements and make a stir among the people in the matter of accusing and targeting opposition parties. 
Most of the times, these statements reflect the ignorance of those leaders. Here we are going to tell you about the statements of some such leaders of the year 2020, whose statements were full of ignorance.

In this order, the first name comes from West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Who said in a rally, "Chadha, Nadda, Fadda, Bhadha." He made a mockery of BJP national president JP Nadda's visit to Bengal and mocked his name. He said at a rally in Kolkata, "BJP has no other business. Sometimes the Home Minister comes here, sometimes Chadha, Nadda, Fadda, Fadda. When they have no audience, they call their workers and gimmick Call to do.

Congress leader Kamal Nath called Imarti Devi, who joined BJP, as an 'item'. In a statement by Kamalna Nath said, "Our candidate is not like her (Imarti Devi) ... What is her name? You know better ... what is this item."

'Gomutra' and 'Gobar' protect the corona. BJP MLA Suman Hempriya believes this. He is a BJP MLA from Assam. Amid the corona virus epidemic, he said, "We all know that cow dung is very helpful. By spraying cow's urine, there is purification. Cow dung protects against corona virus."

BJP MP Virendra Singh Mast commented on the economic downturn. He said that people in the country are wearing coat-jackets instead of kurta-dhoti, where is the economic slowdown? He said, "There is a lot of talk about 'recession' in Delhi and the world. If there was a recession, we would come here wearing kurtas and dhotis, not coats and jackets. If there was a recession, we would wear clothes, pants and Can't buy pajamas. "

BJP from UP Surendra Singh said in the Hathras case that the rites of girls are reduced due to rites and wearing full clothes. He said, "It is also the responsibility of all mothers and fathers to give good values ​​to their daughters and provide a cultural environment. I am a legislator as well as a teacher. Such incidents can be stopped through rituals. Governance or Not through a sword. "

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