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Friday, December 25, 2020

Lizards can be the cause of food poisoning to death, get rid of this remedy forever

Many people 
lizards walking on the wall of the house Some people ignore it, but you almost don't know that lizards can be harmful to health in many ways. There is a risk of food poisoning if its feces get into the food . So if a lizard gets eaten by deception, a person can also die. Let's find out, here are some home remedies to get rid of Daroli.

Coffee powder

Mix the coffee powder with the tobacco powder and make small tablets and keep them where the lizards have come. After eating it, they will either run away or die.

Peacock feathers

In the old days people used to put peacock feathers on the wall of their house. It is considered to be very effective in repelling lizards.

Egg shell

The lizard never liked the smell of eggs. So whenever you eat an egg, keep its shell where the lizard comes from instead of throwing it away.

Black pepper spray

Mix chili powder in black pepper powder and spray on the wall. This makes the lizards run away.

Coffee catechu paste

Mix coffee powder in catechu and make tablets and keep them in places where lizards are more likely to come. The lizard escapes by eating it.

Onion slices

Onions are high in sulfur. The lizard does not like its smell. Cut the onion into slices and tie it in a string and hang it near the lights etc. This will make the lizard run away.

Garlic buds

Necthalin tablets are also very effective in repelling lizards. These are very good pesticides. So it is put in wardrobe, washbasin etc. Wherever these balls are, lizards will not come.

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