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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Know why Manglik work is not done during Kharmas

Kharmas has started from 15 December itself. 
In Hinduism, it is forbidden to perform auspicious works at this time. Khar means 'wicked' and month means month. In such a situation it is also called 'wicked'. It is said that in this month, the sun's brightness is completely eroded. The period when the Sun transits into Sagittarius or Pisces sign is called Kharmas.

In this time period, chanting and meditation have special significance. As soon as Dhanu Sankranti ends, and as soon as Makar Sankranti starts, auspicious works begin. According to religious beliefs, when the Sun God is in Sagittarius, it gives inauspicious and opposite results. Karmas are not considered good for the living.

Due to this special reason, Mangal works are prohibited in Dhanu Sankranti i.e. Kharmas. It is said that to get rid of sufferings during Kharmas, one should worship Lord Surya. Auspicious marriage, lagna, mundan, upanayana rites etc. should not be performed during Kharmas.

Duration: Kharmas have started with the Sun entering Sagittarius on 15 December. The time period of Kharmas will remain for one month. It will end on 14 January 2021. Marriage will not be auspicious this time after Makar Sankranti despite one month of Kharmas. Ascendant will start from April 22 after about four months.

Mythology of Kharmas: According to mythological texts, the story of Kharmas is somewhat like this. Lord Suryadev rides the chariot of 7 horses and continues to revolve around the universe. They are not allowed to stay anywhere. Life will stop as soon as they stop. But the horses which have shoes in their chariot are very tired due to hunger and thirst due to constant walking and lack of rest.

Seeing this pathetic condition, Suryadev's mind was also moved. Lord Suryadev took him to a pond, but he also realized that if the chariot stopped then it would become disastrous. But say the good luck of the horses that there were two khars on the banks of the pond. Now Lord Suryadev leaves the horses to drink and give rest and adds khar i.e. donkeys to his chariot.

Now there is horse, horse and donkey, donkey. The speed of the chariot slows down, yet as soon as the cycle of one month is completed, the horses have also rested. In this way, this sequence goes on and every 1 solar year is called 'Kharmas'.

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