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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

It is not wrong to satisfy your girlfriend demands for oral sex, if you do it this way you will have more fun

Even in the age of internet people have a lot of questions. 
Watching video clips has become commonplace among the youth. At such times the female partner pushes her male partner for oral physical pleasure. But many men find such an action bad. There are also women who push men for oral sex. Turning the tongue into the vagina by a man can lead to illness and bacterial infections. But men and women experiment differently to enjoy sex.

If you want oral sex, you can satisfy the demand

Sexual relations between men and women are consensual. The couple who are ready for intercourse are going to the bedroom of their choice with all the preparations. The kind of sex that both people enjoy is important. If your wife, girlfriend wants you to have oral sex, you can necessarily satisfy her demand.

Both partners wash and clean their genitals, vagina and penis

First of all, for oral sex, both partners should wash and clean their genitals, both vagina and penis. Which doesn't matter then. The action that sex does in the vagina has to be done through the tongue. If you find a woman's genitals dirty, you are not yet mature enough to do this type of work. Having sex is nothing to be ashamed of. Acidity can be caused by acidity while giving oral physical pleasure to any woman.

Dental dams found in the markets work just like condoms

If you have acidity and if he kisses you while having sex with a woman, the woman may get acidity. Dental dams can also be used when giving your girlfriend oral physical pleasure. Which acts like a condom. Such dental dams are readily available online. While enjoying physical pleasure with a woman, cohabitation can be enjoyed in a way that both of them love each other.

A woman can give pleasure like a vagina by taking a man's penis in her mouth

In oral sex the male gives physical pleasure using the tongue in the female vagina. In the same way, a woman can take a man's penis in her mouth and give it pleasure like a vagina. Vatsyayan Muni has also considered oral sex as a part of sexual intercourse between a man and a woman to enjoy something new. Giving your girlfriend an oral sex is not dangerous and there is nothing dirty about it. Like oral sex, oral sex is more enjoyable if it is done voluntarily.

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