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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Important rules changed for bike riders, now they have to ride like this, otherwise heavy penalty will be imposed

To prevent road accidents across the country, the Central Government has made several changes in the traffic rules so far. 
The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is continuously introducing new rules. In which the safety of the people is being given due consideration, but now the government has decided to make some changes in the design and features of the vehicles to reduce road accidents. During this time the government has also made many new rules and also changed the old rules. In fact, the ministry has released its new guidelines for people riding bikes. This guideline explains what rules people have to follow in the back seat of a bike driver. Learn about the new rules.

1. Hand Hold Behind Driver's Seat
According to the ministry's guideline, hand hold on both sides is essential for the safety of the person sitting on the back seat of the bike. Hand hold proves to be very helpful in the event of a sudden crash of the bike driver. However, till now most bikes do not have a hand hold facility. But from now on it is necessary to apply it. Along with this, it will be mandatory for the bike sitter on both sides. In addition, at least half of the left side of the rear wheel of the bike will be covered securely. So that the clothes of those sitting behind do not get entangled in the rear wheel.

2. Guidelines for the installation of lighter containers The
Ministry has also issued guidelines for putting lighter containers in the bike. During this time, the size of the container has also been told by the Ministry. Which states that the length of the container will not exceed 550 mm, width 510 ml and height mm. If the container is mounted on the rear of the bike then only the driver can ride the bike. Apart from this, no other person can ride a bike. However, if the container is placed behind the location of the previous ride, then another person can also sit on the bike.

3. New guidelines regarding tires, the
government has also issued several new guidelines regarding tires. According to the new rule, a tire pressure monitoring system has been suggested for vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tons. In this system, the driver will be provided with a sensor. In which the driver will get information about the condition of the air in the tire of the car. Along with this, the Ministry has also recommended tire repair kits. With this new rule the vehicle will not need extra tires.

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