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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

If you are 10th pass, then LPG gas agency can open in this easy way, can earn crores

 year 2020, which will be remembered by everyone, within this year, where there is a lot of jobs on one side, now on the other side, the attention of people has started going to their own business! If you also want to do some business, then the business of opening LPG Gas Agency can prove to be very beneficial! This business can be started easily! We are going to tell you everything you should know about this business!

Gas agency business earns a lot

Actually from time to time, the three cups dealership program runs! They need distributors in the city to grow the network. By March 2021, gas companies have to make distributors, for which advertisements will be removed soon! You can prepare for this in advance! Gas agency business is one such business that gives you regular income and never flops! First of all, you need a license from the gas agency! After getting the license, it takes about 1 year to set up a gas agency because it has to be approved from many places! Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Bengal, Orissa, Maharashtra are the most mouth-watering companies, and companies are exploring their possibilities in these states!

How to get gas agency

Let us tell you how to apply for gas agency, the whole process is done in a transparent manner! Actually, there are three government gas agencies in the country, Indane, Bharat Gas, HP Gas! All these companies look for their given dealers!

1. Oil companies issue advertisements and notifications from time to time. These companies ask for applications through advertisements.

2. These advertisements are placed on the website of newspapers and companies.

3. Those applying will have to apply in a certain format.

4. After the application process, the distributor is selected from the lottery system.

5. In the lottery, the names of the people appearing in the list are called for further processing.

Who can start a gas agency?

First, to open a gas agency, the applicant must be at least a graduate. But now at least 10th pass in general or regular category will also be able to take LPG dealership (A 10th pass can start own LPG gas agency) ! In the new guidelines issued by oil companies, up to the age of 60, anyone can apply for a gas agency! However, earlier LPG distributorships were offered to people between the ages of 21 and 45!

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