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Saturday, December 19, 2020

if you also have to go to the toilet again and again in winter then get rid of it this way

There are many who call winter the season of sickness. 
Because, how many types of diseases come in this season. Not only that, this season also has a lot of problems that make people very distressed. One of them is going to the toilet frequently. In fact, many people who go cold often complain of going to the toilet. Whether it is day or night, people have this problem all the time. Then what is the cure for it. How to finally get rid of this problem. So today we are going to show you the reasons and the solution here.

While people often complain of going to the toilet during the cold season, many people associate it with drinking water. Due to which they also reduce drinking water. So as not to have to go to the toilet frequently. But people don't think that drinking less water has the opposite effect on the body. Leaving water can also cause swelling or itching in your private parts. In addition, stomach infections can occur. That is why releasing water is not a solution.

When our body temperature drops, this problem increases. People who go to the toilet frequently at such times can also have problems like diarrhea. For this, you should drink as much water as possible, keeping in mind that drinking more water often leads to going to the toilet more often. One report found that people over the age of 30 often complained of frequent bowel movements.

Our bodies need to be warm from within. Because, our body has a habit of staying at 36-37 degrees Celsius. But when it is cold, the temperature is low. Which causes our body to tremble in the cold. This also weakens our blood vessels. Which has a direct effect on our kidneys. That's why if you want to avoid going to the toilet frequently, then keep your body warm by eating something hot. You can get rid of this problem by heating water, lighting a fire or hitting a heater and eating hot items.

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