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Monday, December 7, 2020

If you also have such dreams, then understand that something bad is going to happen

We often have dreams, after sleeping the person goes into the world where everything is possible. 
Some of these dreams are good, and some dreams are also bad. According to dream science, good dreams indicate auspiciousness in life. At the same time, nightmares alert us to bad events happening in the future. According to the dream scripture, viewing these four dreams is inauspicious.

Seeing Broken Mirror
mirror Seeing broken mirror in  dreams is considered inauspicious in dream science. This dream is a sign that there is going to be a big obstacle in your career. After dreaming like this, you should start worshiping Sun God. Chant the mantra ॐ Ghrāni Surya Namah regularly.

Seeing the back of the idol of God 
seeing the back of God in a dream is also considered auspicious, seeing such a dream means that your health can be bad. Such a dream adversely affects health. After dreaming like this, you should offer yellow flowers to Lord Krishna.

Seeing Rotten Fruits
According to the dream scripture, if you see rotten fruits in your dream, it is considered inauspicious. Having such dreams means that there may be something inauspicious in your child or in your career. Immediately after dreaming, you should offer yellow flower or garland to Mata Lakshmi.

Seeing a Dead Person
If you see a dead person in your dream, who is giving voice to you as a ghost. So understand that something inauspicious is going to happen. Such dreams are scary and at the same time seeing these dreams means that you may have health problems. After dreaming like this, you should offer water to the Sun God.

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