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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Hardik Pandya is becoming another 'Dhoni' for Virat Sena

In the second T20 cricket match against Australia on Sunday, Hardik Pandya showed again how dangerous a batsman he is. 
Mahendra Singh Dhoni had the tag of the best finisher in the Indian team for a long time. Now that Dhoni is retired, it seems that Hardik Pandya has made this tag his own. Hardik is currently playing as a batsman in the team as he is not fully fit to bowl.

Many cricket experts feel that Hardik is now finishing the match like Dhoni which is a good thing for Team India. One of the best finishers in limited overs cricket at the present time is very important. Hardik hit an unbeaten 42 off 22 balls in the second T20 match and became the man of the match.

“During the lockdown I wanted to focus on match finishing as this is important,” the 27-year-old batsman said. I have been in such situations many times and I have learned from my past mistakes. My game is always about the confidence I achieve. Hardick said he does not dwell on overconfidence. When Captain Virat Kohli said, you need a finisher and Hardik Pandya has become for us. He is looking run hungry and his game is getting better consistently.

"Virat Kohli is getting better," said Chetan Sharma, a former Indian bowler. There is no doubt that Virat has faith in Hardik Pandya and has surpassed his expectations. He knows how to cope with pressure in difficult situations. Hardik's finishing skill is getting better with time. He knows how to cope with the pressure.

The team knows how effective Hardik Pandya can be as a finisher. He also plays a finisher for his IPL franchise Mumbai Indians. Like Dhoni, Hardik prepares himself for big shots. He is ready to take the match to the end and then come into attack mode.

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