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Monday, December 14, 2020

Google Maps shortcut takes young man to cold snap

We have started using technology to such an extent that we have become dependent on it even in small things. 
But sometimes technology is the cause of the problem. In Russia, a young man lost his life because of this technology.

In fact a young man here used Google Maps to find a way. Because of the maps he took a wrong turn at one point and reached a place where the temperature was minus 50 degrees. And was crushed to death in this deadly cold.

According to a report in The Sun, Google Maps showed him a shortcut. This short-cut took him to the coldest area in the world. It was so cold here that his car broke down. No one lives in this part of Siberia. Sergei Yutinov, 18, died of a cold and lack of help, the report said, adding that Google removed the route from its map shortly after his death.

Sergei Yutinov and his friend Vladislav Istomin's car got stuck in a piece of wood and the car's radiator broke down. Both were not prepared for such a dangerous situation. They frostbite at temperatures below zero to 50 degrees. However one of his friends survived which was nothing short of a miracle. Her friend's limbs were frozen.

The two friends went on a trip, for which they used Google Maps. This map shows them a shortcut through the snow. Both used the same road and when their car broke down they had no choice but to keep themselves warm by burning the tires. Police searched his car and found that he had started a fire, but it did not last long.

The two did not even go out with the warm clothes needed for the cold season. The whole locals have been stunned by this incident. This is an example of how dangerous technique can often be.

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