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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Gold has become cheaper by so many thousand rupees .. The lottery for the buyers

Price of Gold and silver: Gold and silver
 prices continue to fluctuate. Sometimes there is a rise in the price of gold, sometimes in the price of silver, but what effect does this fluctuation have on the common consumer. Of course .. It is very interesting to see it in itself. Meanwhile, for the last several days, the price of gold which has gone through a boom phase is now being recorded. At the same time, now the price of gold has fallen by Rs 1 thousand. February gold futures fell 0.02 per cent to Rs 49,250 per 10 grams, while silver futures rose 0.2 per cent to Rs 63,635 per kg. Earlier in the previous trading session, gold slipped by 1.8 per cent, ie Rs 920 per 10 grams. At the same time, if we talk about silver, then it was cheaper by Rs 1,800 i.e. 2.7 percent per kg. In two sessions, the futures price of gold has decreased by about 1000 rupees. 

Surrat-e-Hall of the 

International Market On the other hand, when talking about the Surrat-e-Hall of the international market, the effect of gold and silver prices falling here is clearly visible in the domestic bullion markets. The conditions here greatly affect the Surrat-e-Hall of the domestic bullion markets. At the same time, spot gold was down 0.2 per cent at $ 1,835.11 an ounce due to the US dollar. Silver was down 0.3 percent at $ 23.85 an ounce, while platinum was up 0.2 percent at $ 1,003.07 and palladium was up 0.7 percent at $ 2,279.83.

What are the reasons why gold and silver are getting affected?
If we talk about the factors affecting the prices of gold, then it is a matter of attention here that since the economic miseries were at their peak in the Corona period, then the price of gold at that time Reached Parwan. At the same time, when the possibility of the Corona vaccine is being introduced, then the price of gold is going down. However, keeping in view the wedding season, their prices are seen on many occasions. However, this cycle does not last long. The changing trend of investors also affects the price of gold significantly. 

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