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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Found the world's flying fish in Palghar, people came to see

The world of animals, birds and fish is unique. If some special species of animals are found, then the watchers look with astonishing eyes. A flying fish has been found in Palghar adjoining Mumbai in Maharashtra. A fisherman has caught a fish flying in the sea near the village of Wadhawan in Palghar. People here are eager to see the flying fish. People are talking about fish in various ways. Fish experts say that this fish is found around the Andaman Nicobar and the beaches of Bay of Bengal. These fish fly away to avoid being hunted and then return to the sea. These fish are capable of flying up to a few meters.

Pradeep Patil, a fisherman who catches this fly in Palghar, is excited.

Pradeep Patil told that a trap was put in the sea. In which this fish got trapped. Pradeep told that I had seen it alive but on the way home, it died. I had not seen such fish before. God has grace on me so I got such a fish. Regarding flying fish, expert doctor Sanjeev Jadhav explains that flying fish are found around Andaman and Nicobar and the seashore of Bengal.

When someone tries to hunt it, it flies away. People from far and wide are coming to see this flying fish. People are desperate to catch a glimpse of flying fish. People are believing about the fin of this fish that this fish must have flown some distance in the air with swimming.

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