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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Fierce fight between Salman and Ayush Sharma, first look of 'Antim' released

Salman Khan has recently been in the spotlight for his upcoming film Final The Final Truth. 
Now the first look of this film has been released. The film will see Salman Khan on screen for the first time with his sister Arpita's husband Ayush Sharma. Both the actors have lead roles in the film. The film is directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. The first look of the film has been hotly debated.

In the first look of the film, Salman Khan is seen in a Sikh incarnation and is impressing everyone with his distinct swag magic and screen presence. Before the arrival of this look, Ayushya has shown a glimpse of Salman's new incarnation. He shared a heartfelt video of a scene from the film and wrote, "Antim Begins .. #BhaisAntimFirstLook #AntimTheFinalTruth beingsalmankhan"

Now the first look of Salman and Ayush has been shared as an official video which gives a glimpse of the vibes of 'Final-The Final Truth'. Ayushya has done a good makeover for this role which is dazzling the viewers. AYUSH is found in a more fit and muscular body than before.

Salman Khan has posted about this film before, he wrote, "I am waiting for the final, it felt great to be on set after a long hiatus due to lockdown. Viewers will surely like this film. A world never seen before is being created. The onscreen chemistry of Salman and Aayush is worth watching in this video.

'Final The Final Truth' is a film directed by Mahesh Manjrekar and produced by Salman Khan. No final name of the actress has come up yet. However, the names of Sai Manjrekar and Mahima Makwana are being discussed.

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