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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Durgamati Movie Review: Bhumi Pednekar's film 'Durgamati' doesn't live up to fans' expectations

Countless films have been made in Hindi cinema about 
corruption and abuse of power. Audiences in Hindi cinema have seen on screen hundreds of times how leaders abuse government power to save their power and politics. Bhumi Pednekar's 'Durgamati', released on Amazon Prime on Friday, is a very weak link in the same tradition that has been portrayed as a horror-thriller. However, Durgamati fails on both fronts.

Will retire from politics

Durgamati is a remake of the Telugu-Tamil film 'Bhagmati' directed by G Ashok. The story of Durgamati begins with Ishwar Prasad, the character of Arshad Warsi. Ishwar Prasad is a very honest leader with a clean image and Water Resources Minister. Old idols are constantly being stolen from the temples around Ishwar Prasad which makes people angry. In a meeting, Ishwar Prasad promised that he would retire from politics if the idols were not recovered within 15 days.

A conspiracy was hatched to prove corruption

This announcement of Ishwar Prasad has spread panic in the government. A conspiracy is hatched to make Ishwar Prasad corrupt so that he does not become a hero in the eyes of the people. It is planned to interrogate IAS officer Chanchal Chauhan to know more about Ishwar Prasad. Chanchal, on the other hand, is in jail for the murder of his fianc  Shaktisinh (Karan Kapadia).

Chanchal finds out about Durgamati

To keep Chanchal's interrogation secret, he is shifted from the jail to a palace in the middle of the forest, the responsibility of which has been left to ACP Abhay Singh. The reason for migrating to this palace is that the villagers consider this palace to be haunted and are also afraid to go around it. While staying in the palace, Chanchal learns about Durgamati. The soul of Durgamti takes Chanchal in its possession and comes in its form as night falls.

Disclosure of Rs 1800 crore scam

Eventually he is sent to a psychiatric hospital to save Chanchal where Ishwar Prasad meets him and then many secrets come out. The reality of Ishwar Prasad, the murder of Shakti, the conspiracy against Chanchal and the scam of Rs 1800 crore are exposed. At the level of acting and at the level of writing, misfortune has failed to leave its mark.

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