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Friday, December 18, 2020

Do not place such food on the plate at night to enjoy intercourse

We mostly enjoy sex during cohabitation there at night. 
But it often happens that eating such heavy food at night is like stomach upset. Which is why you can't enjoy sex to the fullest. If you do not want to have a problem like stomach ache or gas for not having sex between you and your partner. Often people want to have sex but people find it difficult to enjoy sex due to abdominal pain. Couples should avoid such diets even by mistake to enjoy sex to the fullest. Mood swings should be avoided.

The habit of drinking coffee before intercourse will make the sex life boring

Many people drink coffee to relax. But drinking coffee before intercourse increases the levels of stress hormones called cortisol in the body. In addition to preventing you from relaxing, it also reduces sexual arousal in the body. Turns off your mood. Keeps away from mental arousal. If you have a habit of drinking coffee after eating, change it, otherwise don't say if your sex life becomes boring in no time. Having sex two to one hours after eating at night also brings happiness of intercourse. Do not have instant sex by drinking tea or coffee at night.

Stay away from alcohol before intercourse

Many people think that drinking and having sex increases pleasure but it is totally wrong. Alcohol consumption before intercourse increases melatonin in the body. So stay away from alcohol on the day you want to have sex. Because drinking alcohol becomes not romantic but sleepy. Feeling sleepy after drinking alcohol. So instead of being romantic, snoring will turn your mood off. Dreams that you serve for sex will go dolly like alcohol. Alcohol - The misconception that wine creates a sexual mood is nothing more.

Stay away from gaseous vegetables

Vegetables that are more gaseous, after which avoid body beans which increase gas in the body. Many people get gas from eating certain vegetables. Stay away from such vegetables. Stay away from cauliflower, cauliflower or other green bean vegetables which produce gas in the body. The pleasure of sex is snatched away because of the gas. Broccoli, cauliflower and sprouts If methane gas is produced in vegetables, it should be cooked properly and then eaten

Avoid high levels of salt, including french fries

Many people have a habit of eating French fries and popcorn. But this habit is not good. All of these are high in salt. Eating too much salty foods at night should be avoided. Excess salt increases the body's need for water. Which also causes nausea and vomiting. Salt slows down the blood circulation in the body. Salt inhibits blood circulation. Blood pressure should not build up at the end of arousal while having sex. At the time of ejaculation during intercourse, the blood circulation in the body of the young woman increases to the extreme. French fried popcorn or similar items that are high in salt should be avoided.

Stay away from gassy foods, including fruit, after dinner

Fruits are usually included in the diet after dinner. But fruit produces gas in the body as it is quickly digested. That is why you should never eat fruit immediately after dinner or lunch. Many men and women have gas problems due to eating fruit. There is gas in the body which makes it difficult to have sex. Also avoid gaseous foods. Gas often causes heart problems.

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