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Friday, December 4, 2020

Do not eat these things with curd, it can have a bad effect on health

Who does not like eating yogurt? 
Yogurt (Dahi) tastes delicious as it is eaten, it is also beneficial for health. Some people like curd so much that it is a very important part of their daily food. Eating yogurt keeps your digestive system healthy, increases immunity, keeps skin healthy and beautiful, blood pressure control and bones also remain strong. But do you know that despite having so many benefits, eating yogurt with some things can also be dangerous. You can be vulnerable to many stomach and skin related diseases.

Things To Avoid With Dahi: Things To Do Not Eat Yogurt

  • Milk:  Although both milk and curd are very beneficial for health, but they should be consumed separately. If you eat both together then you may have many problems like acidity, gas and vomiting.
  • Urad's team: Do  n't even think of accidentally eating urad dal with curd. Eating these two together can cause great harm to the body. You may have a problem problem.
  • Cheese:  Eating cheese with yogurt is a dangerous combination. Avoid eating it together as much as possible. This will not only spoil your stomach but will also make you home to many more diseases.
  • Banana: The  more beneficial it is to eat banana with milk, the more harmful banana has to be eaten with curd. Do not forget to consume curd for at least 2 hours after eating banana.
  • Onion:  Onion and yogurt vary. While the onion effect is warm, the curd is cold. Therefore, eating yogurt and onion together can be harmful. Consumption of both together can lead to many diseases related to skin and stomach besides herpes, scabies, itching, eczema, psoriasis.
  • Dry fruits : The  temperature of dry fruits is hot and the curd is cold. Therefore, taking these two together can upset your stomach.
  • Mango:  Mango and yogurt also have different tastes. Therefore, do not consume mangoes with curd. Eating both together can cause toxin in the body and your health may deteriorate.
  • Chicken:  Eating chicken and yogurt together can also upset your stomach and make you sick.
  • Fish:  Do not forget to consume fish with curd. If you eat fish with curd then you can have many stomach related diseases.
  • Fried and fried things:  Never eat curd even with fried fried things. People are often fond of eating yogurt with puris and parathas. But believe it, your digestive system may have to face a lot of trouble.

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