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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Do not do these 5 things after eating food, may have dangerous consequences

Many times we have heard that people say that eating food is complete but the body does not feel. 
Or some people say. Eat this much but do not get fat. But do you know that food is not just food. So that you will be fully fit. Because you will not let your food be digested. So that food will also have a negative effect on your body. Which makes you lazy or sleepy after eating akha. So today we will tell you some such things. Do not do at all after eating food.

Smoking cigarettes
After eating food, many people have been seen smoking cigarettes. But let us tell you that never forget to smoke cigarettes after eating food. After eating this food, cigarettes do not affect only the body.

Rather, it also affects the intestines. Which increases the risk of direct intestinal cancer and lung cancer.

Drinking tea
After eating food, people often demand tea. But do you know that tea leaves have a lot of amalia. Which directly affects your digestive system.

Due to which your food is not easily digested. Therefore, you should try to drink tea after about 1-2 hours of eating.

fruits are the most beneficial fruits for our body. But do you know that if we eat these fruits after eating…

then they also have negative effects. Eating fruits after eating has an effect on digestion in the body. Due to which there are problems like gase, indigestion in the body.

Sleeping immediately after eating, after eating,
also takes time for digestion in the body. Therefore, one should never sleep after eating food.

Always try not to have to sleep after eating food. This causes problems like gas in your body.

Taking a
bath after a meal Bathing after a meal should not be taken immediately after a meal because the blood that surrounds the stomach quickly digests the food eaten.

But as soon as we take a bath, that blood goes to other parts of our body and stays there for a long time so that the food is not digested properly by Aram-Aram.

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