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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Did you know that music has a profound effect on plant growth? know more here

Often people resort to music for healing or relaxation and music has a profound effect on their brain, but if someone tells you, 
the effect of 
music is not only on you, but also on the plant. Not only this, with the help of music you can do wonders for the plant. Yes, now many farmers are also resorting to music for good growth of their crops or horticulture Many farmers have also increased their yields through music and their crop quality has also improved a lot. You may be annoyed to know that, but science also believes this. Do you know how music affects a plant?

What does research say?

Many universities and experts have done research on the effect of music on the plant and they have found that music has an effect on the growth of the plant. A doctor at the University of Melbourne, who is doing research on plant life balance, said that the plant loves the energy of music and that it contributes more than usual to the growth of the plant. Research from the University of Western Australia in 2017 also found that music affects the plant and develops sense in the plant. Which makes him try to find water and this affects his growth.

The effect of music on the plant

There is a lot of research done in India that puts a stamp on that. Research was also conducted at Annamalai University in 1962 on the impact on the development of music plants. The findings show that the plant is being affected by music and their length has increased by more than 20 per cent and the plant's biomass has increased by 72 per cent. However, this research has also shown that the style of the song also has an effect.

How does it make a difference?

Indeed, research has shown that the effect of music is on the plant, but that does not mean that the plant prefers to listen to song. Indeed, the effect of music on the growth of cam is not due to their sound, but to their vibration and it develops sense in the plant. The vibration generated by the sound wave has an effect on the plant and it produces more nutrition.

Which music is beneficial?

Many studies have also found that classic music or jazz music has a greater impact on plant growth. However, rock music is not so beneficial. That doesn't mean the plant doesn't like rock music. Really light music has less vibration. So that the plant can feel it easily. So rock music has more vibration and more pressure on the plant and the effect cannot be seen in lute music growth.

How much noise is beneficial?

At the same time noise also has a great influence on the growth of the plant. According to experts, music should be between 115Hz and 250Hz for the growth of the plant. So too much noise is not good for growth. Also, no more than 1 to 3 hours of music should be played in a day.

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