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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Daily Horoscope (23-12-2020)

Aries -
 will deal with excess of expenditure, unknown fear, insomnia, eye pain. There is not going to be any major problem. Will be a bit upset. Health is good, love is good, business will be almost fine. Keep on worshiping Bajrang Bali

Taurus - Stopped money will be returned. New sources of income will be created. Good news will be received. It is a very happy time. Must pay attention to health The middle is moving Love, business is going well with you. Keep donating the red item.

Gemini- There are signs of victory in the court. Government system can benefit. Health is good, love is the best time from the middle, scientific point of view. Donate lentils to Hanuman temple. will be good.

Cancer- will support you. Looks good. There will be courtship. The newcomer may arrive. Initiation or negotiation of new business, some initiative is possible. Continue to recite Bajrang Baan.

Leo - Someone can get into trouble. Injuries can occur. Circumstances are looking the opposite. Cross over Health is the medium of love. Business is looking almost better. Keep reciting Hanuman Chalisa. Keep on worshiping Bajrang Bali

Virgo - Spouse Will progress in employment. Health is from moderate to good. Business and love are climbing. Keep on worshiping Bajrang Bali

Libra - will outweigh opponents. The elders will be blessed. Some secrets will be revealed which will be in your favor. Health Medium, Love Nearly Medium, Business will do fine. Keep worshiping Hanuman ji.

Scorpio - Don't make any decisions by drifting into emotions. Today will be a day of special benefit for the uniformed people of Police, Army, NCC. Health well, clamor in love, you are going right from business point of view. Keep the yellow object nearby.

Sagittarius position is good. Some work related to the land will be made by you. Focus on mother's health. Avoid homecoming. Health is good, love is good, business is going well. Add saffron tilak. Read Bajrang Baan.

Capricorn- It is time to doMake plans work. This time can be said to be a good time. Health, love, business everything looks amazing. Keep worshiping Hanuman ji.

Aquarius- Avoid using hard language. Do not give cash to anyone. Wait. Health is good, love is good, business is also going well. Donate a red item

Pisces - Lucky time. Something good is going to happen This can be called a wonderful time. Lakshmi Yoga is being built in your ascendant. Health, love is very good, business is very good. Yellow object, keep on worshiping Lord Vishnu.

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