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Friday, December 18, 2020

Daily Horoscope (18-12-2020)


Aries -Stay away from the complications of Court-Court today. Avoid lawsuits and foreclosures. There is already a situation of love and improvement in the child side. Make sure you focus on health. Keep the red item nearby. Give water to Suryadev.

Taurus- Take note of value not hurt. Health moderate, love status is towards improvement. From a business perspective, you are walking right. Slowly and better. Donate the yellow object

Gemini may look small. Can get into some trouble. Circumstances may suddenly be unfavorable. Health medium, love will go right from the right, business point of view. Keep worshiping Lord Vishnu.

Cancer - Focus on the health of the spouse. Do not work on new plans. Health, love and business are going well with you. Worship Lord Shiva.

Leo- will outnumber opponents. You will be worried a little bit about health, although nothing will happen to you. Health medium, love is not going well. From a business perspective, you are walking right. Keep the yellow object nearby.

Virgo- Don't make any decisions by drifting intoWill remain emotional. There is a sign of mutual differences in love. Health is almost fine. You are progressing in the field of employment. Worship Lord Shani.

Libra- Notice the health of There are signs of homecoming. Settle household things calmly. Love and health is the middle. Donate the yellow object

Scorpio - With the help of friends and brothers, you are progressing in life. From a business perspective, you are walking right. Health is almost fine. There may be nose, ear and throat discomfort. Your love situation is going on right now. Keep the yellow object nearby.

Sagittarius - Eye disorders or oral diseases can be troubling. You will experience some problems with family members. Health medium, love is almost fine. From a business perspective, you are fine but do not invest capital now. Donate Shani elements.

Capricorn - will remain soft. Something is looking good but there will be some disturbance with him. The mind can get upset. Love and business will run your way. Worship Maa Kali.

Aquarius- You will be troubled by expenses. Eye disorder is possible. There are signs of some problem in the partnership. Health, love and business are moderate. Worship Lord Shani.

Pisces - Economic matters will be solved. Some mixed results will be found. Both bad and good will be hidden. Travel should be avoided now. Health, love are running almost right from the middle, business point of view. Worship Lord Shiva.

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