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Monday, December 14, 2020

Daily Horoscope (14-12-2020)


Aries - Your time is running poorly. Suddenly the circumstances appear to be adverse. Walk a little. Offer water to Lord Shiva. Will be relieved.

Taurus - There is a lot of interference in business matters. Health is moderate. The state of love is going through many stages. Walk a little. Donate the copper vessel. Stay in the shelter of mother Kali.

Gemini- Shatru remains a nuisance. However, enemy mitigation will also happen. Still, be a little conscious about health and love. Things will go on in business matters. Donate the yellow object Keep a green object nearby.

Cancer - There will be a lot of confusion in life these days. Many kinds of things will go on in the mind. There will be a period of mental troubles. But you will overcome. There is no big problem. Focus on the health of children. You will be worried about many choices in love. The rest of your love and business will keep going well. Keep on worshiping Bajrang Bali

Leo - You will be disturbed by domestic clamor. Your domestic life will be interrupted due to the intervention of many types of people. Health, love medium, business will be almost fine. Give water to Suryadev. Keep the yellow object nearby.

Virgo - This time many will be together. This will cause confusion. Making the right choices in business will be a dilemma. see to it. Health is the medium of love. From a business perspective, you are walking right. Donate a red item.

Libra- There are many types of assemblages in the Kutumbas . You are saying many kinds of things. Because of this people will be confused about you. see to it. Health, love, business are going at a moderate pace. Keep on worshiping Bajrang Bali Donate the yellow object

Scorpio - Internal churning is going on. You are churning about a lot of things. Restlessness will remain. Health, love will be moderate. From the business point of view, it will be almost fine. Keep worshiping Lord Vishnu.

Sagittarius - There are opposite cases going on in some way, but Mars walking in your support is overshadowing all the circumstances. From a business point of view your things will go well. Focus on health Love is fine Keep on worshiping Bajrang Bali

Capricorn- Many sources of Eye will remain. Misleading news will continue to be received. The children will remain worried. Health is good. Love and business are good In love there are signs of Tu-Tu, I-I. Keep on worshiping Lord Ganesha.

Aquarius- There will be support from the ruling party of High officials will be happy. Health will be almost right. From a business point of view you will walk right. The state of love can be rude. Worship Maa Kali.

Pisces - Lucky will support, but keep in mind that no heat will come on the honor. Health medium, love medium, business will do well. Keep on worshiping Bajrang Bali

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