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Monday, December 14, 2020

Awesome! Samsung Flagship Mobiles can now be easily rented

Samsung, the world's most popular smartphone company 
, has launched a unique 
Samsung Flagship Mobiles Rental Program for its customers Where people can rent the company's expensive flagship phones for less money. This means that people who are not able to buy these expensive mobiles can take the phone through this program and use it as per their need as well as convenience.

From one month to one year under
Samsung Flagship Mobiles Rental Program

Dhansu phones of Samsung Galaxy S20 series can be rented and used for one month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. For this the customer has to pay a certain amount to the company. Customers can pick up their favorite Samsung Galaxy phone at the Samsung store and pay a monthly rent. However, this facility is currently only launched in Germany.

Samsung phone rental
In the Mobiles Rental Program, Samsung's Samsung Galaxy S20 FE variant with 128GB storage can be rented for 59.90 Euros for one month, 49.90 Euros monthly for 3 months, 39.90 Euros monthly for 6 months and 29.90 Euros per month for 1 year. 1 euro means 89.31 rupees. So if you take the phone for a year you will get cheaper. Similarly, if you rent a Samsung Galaxy S20 for one month, you will have to pay 99.90 Euros. So you have to pay 69.90 Euros monthly for 3 months, 59.90 Euros monthly for 6 months and 49.90 Euros per month for one year.

This includes Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
In the Samsung Mobiles Rental Program you can rent the company's best flagship mobile Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra for 119.90 Euros for one month. If you take this phone for 3 months, you will have to pay 99.90 Euros per month. 79.90 euros per month for 6 months and 69.90 euros per month for 1 year. Mobile rental service is to be launched in other countries including India in the near future.

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