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Thursday, December 31, 2020

According to the zodiac, follow these remedies from the Lal Kitab, there will be no shortage of money!

Lal Kitab 2021 Upaay: Every person wants that the new year brings a lot of happiness and new opportunities for him. 
Everyone prays to God that this year he gets everything and the fruits of his hard work. By the way, people work hard with the desire of fruit. So that their lucky locks should be opened. But many times, fruits are not available and those who do only a little hard work get it in a short time. If you are also from the same people, then in the new year 2021, you can adopt some measures of Lal Kitab according to your rules. Which will make your new year full of happiness and happiness and prosperity.

Lal Kitab measures for 2021 according to Zodiac

Aries: People of
this zodiac keep distance from dark clothes on New Year. Do not wear any gold item or jewelery and keep a silver coin in your purse of money. Be careful not to lend or take any kind of loan.

Taurus Horoscope:
If people of Taurus Horoscope will eat in a silver vessel, then it is very good. Apart from this, bathe in the holy river on auspicious occasions or days falling in the year and then donate it.

The people of this zodiac are advised not to use anything made of leather. If you see any needy person, do not back down from helping him. Rather donate openly and help. Do not use wrong words for anyone and respect women.

If the people of this zodiac, drink saffron mixed with turmeric in milk if possible. Apply sandalwood paste on the forehead. By doing this you will get auspicious results.

Leo sign
: If you start any new work, then take blessings of your elders. Do not say abusive words to the big people, rather have full respect. Clean the temple, serve and feed the black dog.

Virgo sign:
Worship Lord Ganesha on Wednesday and take blessings of eunuchs. Put a gold coin in some corner of the temple located in the house and help the poor.

Libra: People of
this zodiac should not use mustard oil for hair. Help the poor and eat in silver and copper utensils. Worship regularly in the morning and evening.

Scorpio Horoscope: To make
your new year good, donate milk and rice to the poor. Wear silver ornaments and serve monkeys on Tuesday. Keep in mind, while feeding the monkeys, keep a distance. So that you do not harm.

Wear a gold ring or any gold jewelery. Feed the birds regularly and help the poor.

Regularly feed flour to ants and wear iron ring in hand. Do not back down with the help of poor and needy persons.

Aquarius: If
possible, eat food in a silver vessel. Do not keep iron items in the bedroom or your sleeping area. Stay away from debate and help the poor.

Pisces: Flow the
coin in a river or any holy river and donate it to the needy. Do not think bad or bad for anyone.

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