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Thursday, December 10, 2020

According to Vastu, keep these 4 special things related to the chest, there will never be a shortage of money in the house

It is said that nothing happens in life without money. 
This thing proves to be true somewhere. Many people give their hard work and strength to earn money in life. But even after Lakshmi's arrival, she does not stay at home. Due to which people often start feeling upset. People try all ways to accumulate wealth, but still after spending Lakshmi in their hands, they continue to spend. In such a situation, if you are also worried due to spending money without any reason, or if you are going to go to Lakshmi coming home, then according to Vastu, by taking these small measures, your problems can be overcome.

Most people keep their collected money in the vault. Which is called Kubera's wealth i.e. Kubera's vault. Pay special attention to the direction of the place where you keep your money or in addition to the vault. According to Vastu, the direction in which you keep money should always be towards west. Keep in mind one thing that when you open the door of that cupboard, it should open towards the east. It is said that never open the vault door towards the south. These are inauspicious signs.

Let me tell you that wherever your vault of wealth is, take special care of cleanliness there. Do not let the mess happen at all. Because you must also know that dirt does not like Maa Lakshmi at all. Along with this, take special care that the door of the vault or the cupboard wherever you keep the money is not in front of the washroom. Because it becomes difficult to collect and keep money.

According to Vastu, the vault, purse or any place of keeping money should not be empty. It is said that there should be a mirror in the vault so that the reflection of wealth can be seen clearly. Not only this, you also keep a small mirror in your purse. Apart from this, if Vastu is to be believed, there should not be any heavy goods of any kind above the vault. Because it causes a lot of difficulty in storing wealth.

Take special care of this fact that there should not be any trap around the locker. If this happens, even if you see it, clean it immediately. Remember with this, never put dirty hands on your chest. Even when you keep or remove money in your vault, first remove the shoes and slippers from your feet. But remember that after cleaning the feet well, take out the money and keep it.

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