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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

65-year-old Muslim man donated crores of land to build Hanuman temple

Where some people get ready to die in the name of religion. 
People of other religions hate themselves. At the same time, the example of a 65-year-old elderly Muslim who has presented an example is truly praise-worthy. By the way, we have seen many such cases where the discrimination of religion is an example of mutual belonging. But in the country where people criticize other religion than themselves, the example of 65 year old HMG Basha living in the same country has set a precedent that is really winning hearts. Basha donated land worth crores of rupees only because people had difficulty in worshiping in the small temple.

The example of unity,
this incident of social reform has come from Bengaluru in Bengaluru. Where an elderly Muslim person donated land worth crores of rupees only so that a big Hanuman temple could be built. The Muslim person has donated the land at his will. HMG Basha lives in the Kadugodi area of

Bengaluru and has a large land of about 3 acres in Mylapura area of Bengaluru. Which is worth crores in today's time. There is an ancient Hanuman temple next to this ground where a large number of Hanuman devotees come to worship. People's faith in the ancient temple is unwavering.

The temple is small, so the land given is
ancient Hanuman temple is small and when people come to visit in large numbers, there was a lot of difficulty in worshiping. By the way, the temple committee has already discussed for temple expansion but due to lack of land, the temple was not able to become big and the land next to the temple is of

HMG Basha who is Muslim. Because of this, the temple committee were reluctant to talk to them. But when HMG Basha himself saw the problems of the people with his eyes, he talked to the people of the temple committee without delaying them and kept giving the land donation.

The construction work started
, the people of the temple committee were very happy with the offer of HMG Basha and they took the land in the name of the temple in honor of the elderly person. This work of an elderly person is discussed in the whole area. Everyone is praising him. Hanuman devotees are also very happy with the temple construction work and are not tired of thanking Basha. According to media reports, Basha's land is located on the main road on Old Madras Road. People have put up posters and banners around the temple to thank Basha. After donating the land, the construction work of the temple started. There is an atmosphere of happiness all around and the work done by Basha has become an example of unity.

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