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Monday, November 2, 2020

Wholesale prices of potatoes and onions skyrocketed in the last one year

New Delhi: The average retail prices of all food items except wheat have gone up in the last one year. 
In which the price of potato has gone up by 92%, then the price of onion has gone up by 44%. High food inflation has emerged as a policy concern, although experts say it is temporary and prices will fall as supply improves.

A comparative analysis of statistics by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs shows that among the average wholesale prices, potato prices have risen by 108% in the last one year from Rs 1739 per quintal to Rs 3633 per quintal. The wholesale price of onion on Saturday was Rs 5,645 per quintal as against Rs a quintal a year ago. 1,739, an increase of 47% in this price.

Along with these two main components of the kitchen, beans have also emerged as a major concern for maintaining a household budget. Over the last few months, wholesale and retail inflation has been on an upward trend. Which shows how food prices are putting pressure on the overall number.

Comparison of retail potato prices in the last five years also shows that it is Rs. 16.7 / kg to Rs. 43 / kg has increased by 158%. Sources said that although the government has the option of imposing a stock limit on potatoes, if prices rise further, it will first take all possible measures, including import of potatoes, in which prices will be curtailed.

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