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Friday, November 13, 2020

WhatsApp gave a new feature, the message will disappear automatically after seven days

WhatsApp just last week announced the launch of the Disappearing Messages feature. 
The new feature will be available to all Android and 
iOS users within a month, the company, which owns Facebook, said WhatsApp has now started rolling out the Disappearing Messages feature for Android beta users.

According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp beta users on the Android platform will now be able to use this new feature. This feature is slowly being rolled out and is currently available in WhatsApp beta version However, the rollout process is slow and may take some time to reach all beta users. WhatsApp beta users can check by going to the app whether they have got the new Disappearing Message feature yet. You can check if this new feature has come by going to Contact Info. Users can check for group chat by going to group info.

If this feature is available in the app, you can turn it on and activate the Disappearing Message feature. Once turned on, any messages sent in the chat will automatically disappear after seven days. However, this will only happen for messages that are sent after the feature is turned on.

There are also some limitations to the WhatsApp Disappearing Message feature. Even after the message disappears after seven days, it will still appear in the notification preview. Even after the original text message has disappeared, the text will appear in the message that was quoted and replied to in the chat. This message does not work even for forwarded messages. This means that if you forward a disappearing message, it will disappear from the original chat but will appear in the forwarded chat. You can back up the disappearing message but it will not appear even after the chat is restored. Hopefully, the WhatsApp Disappearing Message feature will be introduced in the iOS beta app soon.

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