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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Virtual party will be held on Shah Rukh Khan's 55th birthday, fans from all over the world will join

King Khan Shah Rukh's birthday is no less than a celebration for his fans around the world. 
Every year Shah Rukh's fans gather outside 'Mannat' on his birthday. Fans gather in large numbers outside the Mumbai-based actor's house 'Mannat' to catch a glimpse of Shah Rukh on his birthday and wish him well. But this time this is not possible because of the Corona epidemic. However, fans are planning to make their favorite actor's birthday special.

SRKians ' has organized a virtual birthday party for Shah Rukh this time. Shah Rukh Khan's fans from all over the world will be able to join this party.

According to the Mumbai Mirror, a member of Shah Rukh Khan's fan club said that they would cut a cake at Shah Rukh's birthday at their respective homes and join the celebration through live streaming. According to reports, a virtual birthday party will be held at 11 a.m. Monday after the midnight celebration. There will be selfie booths, games, SRK quizzes, live chats of fans with each other and some performances.

There will also be a distribution of 5555 covid kits with sanitizers and masks, charity activities like feeding 5555 hungry people. Apart from this, on Shah Rukh's birthday, fans will also go to old people's homes and orphanages to share happiness. Shah Rukh Khan will turn 55 on November 2. Fans have already started preparations for her birthday.

Let it be known that Shah Rukh Khan and his family are currently in the UAE. With IPL 2020 underway, Shah Rukh owns a team called 'Kolkata Knight Riders'. He has gone to the UAE to get support to the team members. Recently Shah Rukh held a #AskSRK session with fans on Twitter. In which he requested the fans to celebrate this time from afar. SRK said, 'Is bar ka pyaar thoda door se yaar.'

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