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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Video: When Obama called and asked for a vote for Biden, this was the reaction of the voters

WASHINGTON: Electoral enthusiasm in the United States is at an all-time high. The United States is set to vote on a new president on Tuesday. Republican and Democratic candidates have been campaigning vigorously throughout this time. So, former President Barack Obama asked voters to vote for Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Meanwhile, one of his videos is rapidly going viral. In which she is seen appealing to female voters to vote in favor of Biden and Kamala Harris.

Obama told voters હું I was president, remember?
When Barack Obama called a female voter named Alyssa, she was overjoyed. Obama introduced himself and said I speak Barack Obama, I was president, do you remember? Then the woman smiled and said, yes, I remember. Obama then said that if I do phone banking for Biden and you are one of the people I call. Listen, what was the conversation between the voter and Obama?

Trump and baidene approximate strength of
one day before the US presidential election on Tuesday will be rested Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent baidena last attempt to woo voters. Both the candidates are appealing to the people to hand over the reins of America at such a time. While the country is in the grip of an epidemic. Mention of which is usually found everywhere.

More than nine crore voters cast their votes
Nine crore 30 lakh voters in the country have already cast their votes . There are five presidential rallies from North Carolina to Wisconsin on the final day of the election campaign. Biden, meanwhile, is spending most of his time in Pennsylvania. Where victory comes from could disrupt Trump's path.

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