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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Video: New car is thrown down from a height of 30 meters by crane, this is the reason

Think ..... what will happen to a car if it falls straight down from a height of 30 meters? 
Will the garbage get out? One car company is Volvo, which first hung a brand new car at a height of 30 meters with the help of a crane and then knocked it down to measure the strength of its car. This whole crash test was captured on camera. Whose video has gone viral on the internet. People are praising the company because they are doing these kinds of tests for the safety of the customer.

This video has been shared from @volvocarUK's official Twitter handle. He wrote in the caption, 'We wanted to help our emergency services find new ways to evacuate people in time after serious accidents. However, our regular crash tests were not enough for this. Because of this we had to do something different. '

Good job .... The company says that in the event of a road accident, how to get the victims out of the car immediately and take them to the hospital. Because of this testing is sufficiently necessary. Based on this crash test, rescue workers will be able to create proper preparation and excellent tactics. So that some sort of mishap can be reached. Two decades old vehicles are usually provided for the training of rescue workers. Mahindra cars need such testing?

According to the report, Volvo has so far recalled 10 of its brand new cars for crash tests. During this test the company's engineer decides before hitting the car how much pressure and force the car has to hit down. So that the level of its damage can also be known.

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