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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

US Elections: Donald Trump shared a video of his dance and asked for votes

: Election rallies in the United States may be over, but both presidential candidates have continued to campaign on social media. Trump tweeted a dance video based on his election rally ... Vote! Vote! Vote! Notably, voting for the presidency has begun in the world's largest superpower in the biggest epidemic of the century. Along with this, the Republican candidate, President Donald Trump, has also started accusing the election of being rigged. So, Democratic candidate Joe Biden is still trying to attract Republican states.

Long queues
at polling stations As the day goes on in America, large numbers of people are arriving at polling stations to cast their ballots. People have taken long lines at many polling stations. Large crowds are being seen in Virginia, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. US stock markets S&P and Nasdaq have

rebounded after Biden's victory sent the stock market into a
five-week low. The poll is believed to have given Democrat candidate Joe Biden a run for his money.

The American state will decide the new president
There are many states in America where there is a sharp clash between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. It is believed that the state will play a key role in electing a new president in this election. These include the states of Georgia, Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona and Nevada.

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