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Friday, November 13, 2020

Trump continues to attack China, now US will not invest in any company related to PLA

Anyone can win or lose in the US election, but it is certain that even today, Trump remains the biggest enemy of the Chinese army. 
For years, the Chinese military not only strengthened itself on the strength of American research but also resorted to American investors for its financing. However, all of this is closing down now under Trump.

Trump first attacked the Chinese army's Spy Network to attack the Chinese army. In February this year, the FBI revealed that the Chinese military wanted to steal technology from the US at any cost, and about 1000 FBI officials were keeping a close eye on the case. The Trump administration then took a big decision, banning the involvement of Chinese students in US higher education research. Now Trump has taken another major decision by issuing an executive order banning security transactions and buying and selling equipment with the Chinese military. This executive order will come into effect from 11 January 2021.

According to the order, the US will not invest in such Chinese companies, which are linked to the Chinese military in any way. The move has been taken to prevent US investment firms, pension funds and others from buying shares of 31 Chinese companies, which the Defense Department has termed as Chinese military-backed companies. That is, now the Chinese army will not be able to get money from American investors by any means!

The White House issued a statement saying "China has long been using US investment to strengthen and modernize its military, intelligence and other security agencies, but that will no longer be allowed to happen." The Chinese military works less on research and more on technology theft. This was the reason Trump took many necessary steps to protect his Intellectual Property! Now Trump is focusing on making an economic attack on China. He is not set to become president again, but with his steps he is making sure that if Biden comes to the White House, the Chinese army cannot take advantage of his soft stance at any cost!

This big step taken by Trump will haunt the Chinese military for the next several decades! This decision by Trump may hit China in the midst of a worsening economy. China Telecom Corp Ltd, China Mobile Ltd and surveillance device manufacturer Hikvision will be the most affected by Trump's decision. All these companies are attached to the Chinese Army, and now they will not have a single break from the US!

After coming to Biden , we can hardly reverse this decision! If Biden makes this mistake, his popularity in the US may be drastically reduced. This is such a masterstroke of Trump who will continue to trouble him for the next decades by being trapped in the neck of the Chinese army!

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