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Monday, November 16, 2020

Troubled by the problem of falling hair, hair will be shiny by doing these Yogasanas

Hair fall problem has now become a common problem. 
Everyone wants to treat it as soon as possible. The main reason for this is the wrong food and drink of the people. Due to which the hair gets deteriorated and starts falling out. The second reason is pollution. Due to contamination, it causes great damage to hair. The third reason is chemical found in hair products. Due to the chemical, the moisture in the hair gets stripped and the hair becomes dry. Even after doing home remedies and hair treatment, the problem of hair loss is not relieved. Let us tell you that doing yoga will be very beneficial not only for health but also for hair. is. Today we tell you how you can stop your hair loss by doing yoga.

Pawan Muktasana

Pawan Muktasana not only prevents hair loss, but also melts belly fat. To do this Yogasana, first lie down on the ground on the stomach. After that, bend the left knee and bring it near the abdomen. Then while exhaling, hold the fingers of your two hands together and then keep the knee down, then try to touch the chest with your left knee. After this, raise your head above the ground and try to touch the nose with the knee. Raise the head and touch the nose with your knees. Keep like this for about 10 to 30 seconds. After that repeat this process 3 to 5 times.


Vajrasana is very helpful in preventing hair loss. 
Do Vrajasana 10 minutes daily. Bend from the knees of both feet and sit on both ankles. After this, the two toes should remain together. Keep in mind that the feet are soared above the soles. Be absolutely straight to the waist and back. Keep both hands on the knee without bending them with elbows. After that keep the palms down.

With Uttanasana

Uttanasana Yoga eliminates fatigue and weakness. 
Due to this Yogasan, the blood circulation remains correct, which ends the problem of hair loss. First, there was a gap of about one meter in both legs by standing upright. Bend both legs outward and join the fingers of both hands together. Keep the arm loose and breathe. Then while exhaling, sit down while bending your knees. Keep in mind that the fingers of your hands touch the ground.

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