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Friday, November 27, 2020

Throat diseases can be fatal, do not ignore these symptoms even by mistake

It is common to have a cold and cough. 
But ignoring it can also prove to be quite dangerous. It is common to have a sore throat and pain in the initial symptoms of a cold-cough. But when such a situation starts to persist, then one should be alert. Because this general matter has far-reaching consequences. It is an infection of the throat that engages the heart valves and kidneys (kidneys). Its germs attack the heart valve or kidney.

Due to the effect of this germ on the kidney, the process of purification of the blood by it gets spoiled, which is called nephritis. In such a situation, the patient's kidneys stop working for some time. The quantity of urine starts decreasing and blood also starts coming in it. Swelling of hands and feet of such patient occurs and blood pressure also increases. In most cases this problem is cured by treatment, but the risk of kidney failure is greatly increased by repeated infections.

Similarly, it affects the heart valves as well, causing the valves to either shrink or weaken their vibration speed, causing obstruction of blood circulation. This causes the left side valve to deteriorate quickly, it is called mitral or aortic. Due to this, many times the heart starts bloating or the blood pressure starts increasing in it. So whenever the throat is sore, do not ignore it. Take full dose of antibiotic along with fever medicines on doctor's consultation. The vaccine can also prevent infection. Such people should pay special attention to their food, this disease can be avoided by taking equal amount of vitamin C.

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