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Sunday, November 29, 2020

This is the most expensive vegetable in the world, price will blow your senses…

Everyday people often buy vegetables for everyday life, but it is also such a vegetable in this world, before buying it, a man will think a hundred times because for so much money, a man can eat a vegetable after sitting for about 1 year! 
But if we talk about buying this vegetable, it may or may not be more expensive than silver, but in the world of vegetables, it is called the most expensive vegetable! Yes, if you want to take stock of this vegetable, then you have to spend the entire ₹ 82000 for it!

For information, let us tell you that this unique vegetable is named Hop Shoots! Which comes to 1 kg ₹ 82000, the flower of this vegetable is also liked by the people. It's called hop cones! Explain that this phone is used to make beer, while the rest of the twigs are used as food, this vegetable has a store of drug properties which is used to make antibiotics!

That is, hops are usually grown for female cones! These cones are used to preserve and beautify beverages, because hops and alpha acids are found in them, so hops are used as a tonic, medium drug and bactericidal in medicinal form!

For information, let us know that this vegetable is also beneficial in the treatment of serious diseases like toothache and TV! People also eat it raw, its twigs are also used as a salad! Not only this but people use this vegetable as pickle! Actually around 800 AD, people used to drink it after mixing it in beer and ever since then this experiment has continued, firstly it was cultivated inside North Germany and then gradually spread throughout the world!

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