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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

This is how WhatsApp OTP scam is happening, if you also get such a message, beware

WhatsApp is currently the most popular messenger service. 
Many people exchange messages through it. WhatsApp is also popular among users because it keeps adding new services to its messaging app. However, if you don't use WhatsApp carefully now, you may get in trouble. Hackers are keeping an eye on popular messaging applications. If you're not careful, you're in for a rude awakening.

Hackers do tricks with
OTP Hackers and scammers do tricks with WhatsApp using One Time Password. This makes it very easy for you to later extract the data of every personal information in your smartphone. Let us know what is this WhatsApp OTP scam and how do hackers do tricks?

This is how hackers try
The company sends you an OTP to create a WhatsApp account from your registered number in the new smartphone. There are two things to keep in mind when entering OTP. To order the first OTP you have to enter your registered phone number and the second company does not send any OTP without asking you. Now hackers and scammers are sneaking into people's phones through OTP. These hackers approach you as friends or close relatives. Then it says that if their account is closed then they need your help.

OTP will ask to share
Hackers run the gamut that your relative's account has been hacked. No OTP is being found on their number. So they will send you an OTP, which you will have to share. An OTP will then come to your registered number. Hackers will ask you to share this OTP. After sharing OTP, your WhatsApp number will be logged out. Now your WhatsApp will be used on another device.

What to do if you fall victim to hackers?
So it is very important to be careful. However, if you also fall victim to this scam, reset your WhatsApp account. After which you will have to register your mobile number if you login again. Then you will have OTP again. This OTP will allow you to login to your WhatsApp account number a second time. So hackers or scammers will stop using your number in the phone.

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