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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

There are different causes of breast pain, so pay special attention


Any woman experiences breast pain for the first time in her teenage days. Because at that time, the hormonal changes in the body are happening very fast and the development of the body is at its peak. During this time, they have to endure pain for a variety of reasons. This pain is common in most cases, which can be corrected with a little care. Find out here, under what circumstances breast pain should not be ignored

What is Breast Pain?

- The cause of breast pain can vary at different levels of life. For example, adolescents face breast pain in the case of body parts development.

Breast pain can also be caused by hormonal changes in the body every month after the onset of periods.

-However, during periods, the problem of breast pain is more common in women whose periods are not normal or who have more or less bleeding.

Get relief from breast pain

-You can use natural pain relief or home remedies to get relief from breast pain that occurs during adolescent girls and periods.

-If you don't know about this, you should talk to any lady doctor and you can take the tonics prescribed by them.

- Heat 3 cloves of garlic, 2 pinches of ajmo and a few fenugreek seeds in mustard oil. When the oil is well heated, let it cool. Then gently massage over the breasts.

- This tip is likely to relieve you of pain. If this does not happen, you should see your doctor soon.

Other causes of breast pain

- Women who are breastfeeding after the birth of their first child also often have problems with pain or swelling in the breasts.

-Not wearing the right size bra can also cause breast pain. This is because wearing a tight bra puts constant pressure on the skin and muscles, which increases the pain.

-However, wearing an over-sized bra does not provide the necessary support to the muscles, which can increase the pain. So always keep your true size in mind while choosing a bra.

-Menopause can also cause breast pain in women. Because during this time once again a lot of endocrine changes are taking place in the body of women. Which makes the breasts very sensitive.

Stories related to lifestyle and food

- Breast pain can also be caused by bad eating habits and certain lifestyle activities. Such as not choosing the right bra during running and exercise, not sleeping in the right posture at bedtime, consuming sour and cold things during periods etc.

- Women who consume large amounts of tea, coffee, soda and alcohol can often experience breast pain, heaviness, hypersensitivity problems.

Carelessness and endocrine changes

- Women who have been taking antidepressant drugs for a long time also often face this type of problem. But such cases are very rare.

- Women who do not take these drugs properly and stop taking the drugs as they wish and then start taking them, are more likely to have breast pain.

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