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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The temple of Lord Hanuman, where he becomes a doctor himself and treats the devotees, know the history of this temple

Every person has faith in the country. 
Some worship the naive, some to Durga, some to Brahma, some to Kali, some to Rama, some to Sai, some to Ganesh, and some to Murali, as many people believe. But in the meantime people's faith towards Lord Hanuman is seen immense. Man remembers them in every situation. Whether he is in a crisis or is stuck in a bad situation. The faith of individuals towards Lord Hanuman is unwavering. But there are many such temples of Hanuman, which are called miraculous temples, and today we will tell you about those temples. About whom people say that Lord Bajrangbali himself comes to that temple and treats people.

It is said that there is such a Hanuman temple located in Gwalior, Uttar Pradesh, where Lord Hanuman himself comes as a doctor, and treats patients devotees. This temple is located in Bhinde district, about 70 km from Gwalior. It is known as Dandaroua Sarkar Dham there. It is said that devotees come to this temple with their health related problems. Every person who comes here thinks that all their sufferings will be removed. It is also said that every day devotees come here due to their problems, but on Tuesday and Saturday people come from far and wide. But the temple is considered special because every person who comes here gets rid of their trouble.

Actually Lord Hanuman is worshiped as a doctor in this temple. It is said that whoever brings disease here gets freedom. Even people say that never again does that person have any physical illness. With this, let us know that the idol of Lord Hanuman is installed in the dance posture in this temple. Which is the first such idol of Lord Hanuman in the country, which is in dance posture.

It is said that this temple was built about 300 years ago. Apart from this, the idol which has been installed in this temple, says that it was found during the cutting of a tree. Which was hidden in Neem tree 300 years ago. It is said that people come to this temple to get treatment for major diseases like cancer, TV, AIDS, on which Lord Bajrangbali shows his hair, and all his diseases end here. It is said that every wish of the devotee is fulfilled after coming to this temple. Therefore, people come from far and wide to visit here.

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