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Monday, November 2, 2020

The housewife got the teenager sexually trapped in an empty room

 A teenager has been accused of sexual harassment day after day. This woman accused in the incident. Police have already arrested the accused woman. The shocking incident took place in Ainavaram in Tamil Nadu.

The incident has caused a great stir. Police have already filed a case against the accused woman under the Pokso Act. Police have started questioning the woman to find out the cause of the incident.

The teenager has been mysteriously missing since November 26. The teenager is a resident of Ainavaram in Tamil Nadu. The family members could not find the teenager even after thousands of searches.

Then one day the family suddenly found out that a housewife of the area was also missing. Family members tried to find out if there was any similarity between the two incidents.

In some cases, the police were informed after receiving the match. Police officers are investigating the incident. Police rescued the teenager from a house while searching for various sources.

The woman was arrested there. After that, the police officers were in a daze.

It is known that the woman took the teenager to the house by misunderstanding. After that, the teenager was kept there and sexually abused for days.

It is learned that the accused woman has been married twice before. Those marriages did not last long. She also has two children.

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