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Monday, November 2, 2020

The death toll from the deadliest typhoon is rising

Manila: The worst typhoon 'Goni' has hit. 
Massively damaged coastal area. The water of the river is rising. The death toll has also begun to rise.

So far 10 deaths have been reported. There is no search for the three. This is the strongest typhoon in the world this year. The storm hit the main island of the Philippines on Sunday

300 houses are buried under the lava rock. Mud streams are coming out of the volcano.

Basically the Bycol area is more damaged. The administration is conducting rescue operation in the whole area.

Many are being evacuated to safer shelters, but fear of corona infection.

The typhoon struck the island of Catanduanis just before dawn on Sunday. The maximum speed was 225 kilometers per hour. The storm uprooted several trees and damaged the roofs of several houses.

The Philippine Meteorological Department has downgraded Gani from "Super Typhoon" to "Typhoon". In addition, the typhoon's massive speed and accompanying heavy rains were reported to have damaged several areas.

Note that Japan had witnessed a terrible typhoon in the previous month. Several residents were evacuated in fear. At that time 22,000 troops were kept ready.

Typhoon is actually another name for cyclone. Cyclones, hurricanes, and typhoons have changed the name of cyclones in different regions. Typhoons are cyclones around the Pacific Ocean, such as China and Japan. Typhoon name is thought to have come from the Chinese word tai-feng. According to many, the word typhoon can also come from the Persian or Arabic word tufan.

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