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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Tata group gives a big blow to HDFC and real estate

 Despite having a Corona era in the country, the Tata group is very profitable these days. The market cap of Tata's listed companies has gone up to Rs 14.27 lakh crore. On this basis, Tata has also overtaken Reliance and HDFC Group. HDFC Group has a market cap of Rs 13.72 lakh crore while Reliance has a market cap of Rs 12.27 lakh crore.

The Tata group has 28 listed companies, out of which eight companies have a market cap of over 20,000 crore. Among all these companies, the biggest gainer and highest market cap is from IT company Tata Consultancy Services. It has become the star company of the Tata group. At the same time, Tata Motors is giving the biggest loss.

TCS had a market cap of Rs 10.21 lakh crore. In 2019-20, the company's revenue was Rs 1.31 lakh crore and profit was Rs 33,260 crore. At the same time, its share was Rs 2,170 in January, which has now gone up to Rs 2,722, that is, TCS shares have given a profit of 25 per cent. Tata Motors has a market cap of Rs 53,145 crore.

Its revenue is Rs 43,928 crore but this company continues to make losses. The company incurred a loss of Rs 7,289 crore in 2019-20, its stock also did not benefit. It was Rs 176 in January and is now trading at Rs 172. Tata Steel is the second largest Tata Steel Group.

Its market cap is Rs 62,514 crore. Its revenue has been Rs 60,435 crore and profit is Rs 6,743 crore. It looks after the steel and other businesses of the group. Its stock stood at Rs 438 in January. It is now at 547 which means a gain of 25 percent. Tata Power's revenue is Rs 7,726 crore. Its profit has been Rs 148 crore and the market cap is Rs 18,788 crore.

The Tata Group was founded in 1868. It was founded by Jamshedji Tata. It has more than 30 companies in 10 clusters. The group has business in over 100 countries. The promoter of Tata companies is Tata Sons. The total revenue of Tata Group was Rs 792,719 crore in 2018-19. While it has 7.20 lakh employees. Its 28 companies are listed on the stock market.

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